West Highway is a five piece country/rock cover band featuring male and female vocals, acoustic, and electric guitar, bass & drums.


Angie grew up in Dayton, MN jumping on her bed singing to Elvis Presley.  Fast forward to her first career in sales, Angie was on a date and saw a lead singer in a band, named Cactus Cadillac, who was about to give birth.  After inquiring about the singer’s plans post-baby, Angie learned the band was going to take a break until the singer returned. Angie then offered to fill in during those six months gained a lot of wonderful stage experience with a great band. When the phenomenal singer came back, Angie was at a standstill, but soon an agent called to see if she would be interested in auditioning for a Midwest band:  Keystone.  During the seven years she performed with Keystone, the band opened for Diamond Rio, Blackhawk, Marty Stuart, Daryl Singletary, Yankee Grey, Leeann Womack, Brad Paisley, Chad Brock, Chely Wright, and Ricochet.  In 2019, an opportunity came about to form West Highway.  Angie said it has been exciting creating a band from the very beginning stages. The best part about singing in a band is connecting with the crowd and bringing happiness to people. 


Lead vocalist and guitar player Kurt Detloff has been active in music since the 6th grade. As a member of many choirs and musicals throughout his career, he has always had a love for music and performing. His background also includes many years of live sound engineering, working with local and national acts such as Blackhawk, Tanya Tucker, Billy Idol and the Black-eyed Peas. In addition, he currently owns and operates West Highway Productions with the ability to provide full sound and lighting services to local musicians. After a debilitating injury prevented him from singing and performing for over 6 years, he is thankful to be back doing what he loves!


My name is Joe, but you can call me the post office, because I just send it. 

Engineer by day, country / rock guitar player by night.  Enthusiast of hot tubs, bonfires, weird 90s cars, Honda Gold Wings, and moonshine!

Favorite artists are Alan Jackson and Brad Paisley, but I’ll play anything. Country Chicken pickin’? I got you. Guns N Roses, heck yeah brother! Breaking Benjamin? Don’t tempt me with a good time! 😉 

“Country, but edgy enough for me”-Kurt Cobain “



Jason Rowe is a Wise Bassist, hailed by Friendface as “Smooth… Heavy… [and] an Amazing Bottom End.” By day, he spends his time channeling the flow of electrons, evenings spent as a composer and sound designer for Union Audio Works.  As a veteran of the USMC and the road, Jason has graced both stages and studios across the world playing his bass and accordion. He credits a myriad of artists as having influenced his musical development, from Miles Davis to Weird Al Yankovich.  In his free time you will find him enjoying God’s chosen elixirs. Distilled, barreled and prepared for consumption on tiny little islands off the coast of Scotland.


This is Benjamin. Born and raised in the great city of Arlington, MN, Ben’s been making noises for as long as he can remember (some even melodic and pleasant). He’s lived and traveled around Oregon, Tennessee, Sydney Australia, and back again to Minnesota, all while meeting new people, making new friends, and performing music along the way. Though he dabbles in a range of musical instruments and styles, Ben often finds himself returning to the drums as hitting things with sticks best calms his primordial urges. In his spare time, Ben hangs with his Siamese/Manx cat, Brindy, and collects random power supplies and odd audio cables to store in a giant box in his basement, likely never to be looked upon by human eyes ever again. During shows you will see Benjamin staring fearfully at Joe, wondering when he will finally break him…

A Few Clips of the Band!